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New single from DJ/Producer Roy Cohen
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Take Off is a new single from Roy Cohen the producer behind JIVE64 and Bats'n'Usa. The single is the second from the upcoming EP "Happy Noise". Sign-up with your email to receive notifications and free downloads once the album is out.

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Jamsphere: DJ Roy Cohen: “Take Off” ft. K.O flows impeccably!

April 16, 2017

DJ/Producer Roy Cohen has dropped his latest single “Take Off” from his brand new album “Happy Noises”.  Best known for his critically acclaimed work with world charting band, JIVE64, and producing for the likes of Marq Aurel and David C, DJ Roy Cohen was also lauded during the Peter Gabriel “Scratch My Back” remix contest, receiving an honorary mention for his remix of “Games Without Frontiers”. Originally from Tel Aviv, Cohen moved to Dublin 3 years ago and the album “Happy Noises” is his first recording done there.

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